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Live Timing and Live Video Streaming Events are here.         Video Recordings from Events free On Demand here.

CTAS Live is a service that will enable you to stream your event live on the internet. We offer a fully self contained service, which can include our own power generation, ups, internet, cabling, desks, travel and accommodation.

You will have a range of features available, which can enhance or refine your live broadcast. This allows you to select the format and look of the event on the internet, so that viewers get the desired experience that you want.






On 8th March, 2015 CTAS Live reached the spectacular milestone of having successfully live streamed 1000 Hours.

Back in 2010 CTAS started Live Timing. This was a simple product that sent timing data to the internet so that people could follow the NZSBK racing live. This was a great first step, but we soon found that people wanted more, so this was quickly followed by Audio Streaming, and then Video Streaming.

Click here to read more about CTAS Live 1000 hours of streaming.

Since 2015, we have done approximately 500 more hours, and so are well on our way to 2000 hours.


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